The Products - High level insight

Railway Corporate Strategy Close Corporation develops and provides insight into systemic drivers and systemic functioning; global drivers and contextual awareness; and positioning and consistency, in the railway corporate strategy setting. It sources insight from:

Original research at Stratified Systems Theory Level VI that yields a world-wide accumulation, analysis, and diagnosis of economic-, intellectual-, political-, social-, and technological marker events and trends applicable to the global railway industry. The research is scientifically grounded in statistical analysis of the databases maintained on this website. Findings are proactively subjected to peer review, among other at international conferences.

Organizational learning at Stratified Systems Theory Level V, from the Managing Director's extensive experience in the real world of railways that includes, among other, world-class heavy haul operations, development of high-speed intercity passenger trains, and general management in a diversified-services (general freight, long-distance passenger, and urban) railway.

Railway Corporate Strategy CC applies, provides, and leverages insight in two themes:

  • Global driver awareness interventions in the theme of Corporate Citizenship, which promote sustainable organization-environment fit.

  • Large-scale internal systemic interventions in the theme of Strategic Intent, which support sustainable organization-environment positioning.

It delivers the insight in the following formats:

The Services - Applying and leveraging insight

  • Consultation on developing positions and solutions with respect to specific large-scale railway-, or railway-related, logistics-, mobility-, and technology issues.

  • Independent analysis, evaluation, due diligence, feasibility, and peer review, with respect to existing- or proposed railways, or railway systems and sub-systems.

  • Systemic design, to position railways, or railway sub-systems, effectively with respect to global drivers and task environments. This includes engineering, management, and statistics in the Managing Director's field of experience.

  • Analysis and resolution of preexisting large-scale internal systemic dysfunction, manifested by symptoms in the fields of safety, service, and sustainability.

  • Empirical research and/or active intervention regarding specific topics, in a format agreed with the customer.

  • Audits of pre-existing positioning or fit issues across an organization-environment interface, with respect to awareness, consistency, and dysfunction, followed by identification of possible gaps.

  • Workshops to assess awareness and develop appreciation of global railway drivers and their application to corporate planning or corporate strategy, and to government policy.

  • Presentations to promote awareness of global drivers and their impact on railways, individually or in designated context:

    • Keynote, to respect tight time schedules,

    • Comprehensive, to convey in-depth insight, and

    • Customized, to weave in specific audience interests or requirements.

Appreciate that around three-quarters of the world's countries with railways constrain their railways - by impositions in respect of one or more of economics, politics, society, or technology. Over time, the residue of ineffective re-positioning interventions encrusts the underlying root causes of their ill fit with their environment. One should therefore not underestimate the time and patience needed to reveal the true nature of the issues underlying such situations.


Compelling insight, packaged as:

  • Identified awareness-, consistency-, dysfunction-, and positioning gaps, which impede organization-environment alignment;

  • Defined railway corporate strategy positioning interventions;

  • Defined large-scale internal systemic interventions;

  • Consultations during design and implementation of interventions; supported by documentation as agreed.

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